JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The young'uns ...

... have been dropped off at the airport (one heading for Toronto and the other for Ottawa) and now I'm home in a place that suddenly seems far too quiet. Happily, the reason it seems so is that we had fun. Wandering over to Chinook Mall to view, and take photos of, the "you-won't-really-believe-me-until-you-SEE-it" tacky, Egyptian temple-style movie multiplex (with "Scarab Kong" climbing up one of the lotus pillars on the outside of the building). Off to Banff for an afternoon of mountain viewing. Hitting the company's annual Family and Friends booksale where we all found treasure. And, since neither had ever been to a live comedy show before and were intrigued by the fact that there's a comedy club just down the street from my place, an evening at The Comedy Cave. MC was great, a small moment of horror when I realized that the first opener was the unfunny guy from my last visit, with the ignorant, redneck-style "jokes" about Muslims (he still wasn't getting much in the way of laughs, fortunately). Second opener was decent. Headliner was BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!! If you see a sign or ad anywhere in your neighbourhood that says Chris Clobber is doing a performance, GO!!! Trust me, even if it means going without groceries for a few days, it'll be well worth it. And if he asks the audience if they want to see the stuff that producers have told him is too weird for TV, yell out YES! ... you definitely want to see his impersonation of a Vulcan pervert ...

Lucky finds during this whirlwind visit ... dropping into a little independent music store over on 17th Avenue (part of the nephew's hunt for obscure CDs ... he found a couple of them out here too) and getting a four-CD Cab Calloway collection for $17.00. A collection that includes his recordings of "Nagasaki" and "St. James Infirmary" ... a pair of tracks that I've been trying to get hold of for years!!! Plus the very newly-released Puppets Who Kill season two DVD (contains the episode about the prostitutes who dress up as nuns and give freebies to the terminally ill (and to puppets who fake being terminally ill) AND the necrophilia episode ... LOADS of family fun!)

Now must do a post-guest policing of the apartment ... we all did several sweeps before heading for Calgary International, but I discovered nephew's gloves under a copy of a Banff tourist newspaper on the floor of the passenger side of the car when I tidied after getting home from the airport, so it's possible that there's some small item(s) still lurking in here as well. :p

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