JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A happy discovery ...

... made while looking for a link to include in a reply to libwitch; the ONLY Sesame Street storybook that I can stand is now available in ebook form! If you've not seen it before, you MUST take a peek at The Monster at the End of This Book. For reading with a small child, however, a print edition is essential ... much of the fun comes from the fact that it takes all of the strength of both of you to turn the pages (plus the giggly debate over whether they should be turned).

And yes, it IS still in print.

P.S. This book was read and reread a zillion times to my nephews and nieces ... normally kids latch onto something tedious and that makes an adult's brains ooze out the ears as the book that must be read several times in a row each day, but fortunately we got 'em all hooked on this one, which had so much "audience participation" that it never got boring.
Tags: reading

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