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Getting there ...

This place finally looks like it's being moved out of (instead of just like the aftermath of a tornado). Taking the couch apart yesterday really helped ... propping the pieces up against the wall gave me room to drag boxes, vacuum vacant areas and then systematically stack boxes and taped bundles of bookcase pieces.

There's a certain therapeutic quality to reducing all one's furniture to component pieces ... it caters to the control freak in me [my name is JLS and I'm a control freak ... but only over myself and inanimate objects; other people are too much hassle to control ;)]. I know I'll only truly settle down when everything is safely in the new place; entrusting mine and Semmie's possessions to the moving company feels the same as entrusting my luggage to an airline ... I never relax until I've got my hands on it again [I have had my luggage not show up twice >:(, so I've got an excuse for that one]

Tomorrow is my last day of Internet access and telephone ... won't be officially online again until September 2nd [though I WILL try to get on a public library terminal during that time]. Not disconnecting the computer and taking down the computer desk until tomorrow, so will try to post one last farewell. In case I don't manage it (y'know, if Telus is down the way it was this morning), just wanna say so long and see you next month. You guys are the greatest!

***singing along with Eric ... "He's nobody's moggy nooowwww"

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