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First night ...

... this week that I've been home before dark ... this overtime thing is seriously overrated. :p Thankfully there are starting to be miniscule signs of light at the end of the workplace tunnel.

And there you have my excuse for my own minimal communication lately ... just too durned tired for coherency (plus that sinus thing from last week is still lingering around my edges). Honest, I haven't even READ A BOOK all week! ... the brain just couldn't do it. Am hoping to change that terrible situation this weekend (HURRAH for clock change and the illusion of sleeping in!) since today my copy of Kage Baker's latest Company novel, The Machine's Child, was delivered to my desk. :-)

This week also saw the release of Mukhtar Mai's In the Name of Honor ... another book I've been waiting for for quite a while, so that was also purchased today (proceeds from the book go to the girls' school that Mai founded with the compensation money awarded to her at the trial of her rapists ... reason enough to encourage your local library to add this title to its collection).

Plus, earlier in the week, I acquired Marjane Satrapi's latest title: <a href="http://www.amazon.ca/Chicken-Plums-Marjane-Satrapi/dp/0375424156/ref=sr_11_1/701-4538603-8720369>Chicken With Plums</a> (a graphic biography of her great-uncle, famed Iranian musician Nasser Ali Khan) Surely I'll be mentally capable of tackling ONE of these this weekend ...
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