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Is the unofficial "Who has the Worst Weather" competition still open?

Last Tuesday all the meteorologists had on their minds was a heavy snowfall warning for Calgary. Everybody was braced for icy roads, late (or non-operational) trains and buses, etc., etc. Y'know, the usual. Wednesday dawns warm and clear, not a trace of the ol' white stuff (although there were a couple of rain spots on my windshield) and it isn't necessary to wear a coat to work.

Last night (a Tuesday again), we're told to expect a few light showers overnight. Guess what Calgary woke up to this morning? Go on, betcha can't! Yep, five centimetres of the stuff ... guess the folks at Environment Canada got their weeks confused when they looked at the calendar. :p

Wonder what's on the schedule for next week ... waterspouts, mebbe? A typhoon?

8:35 p.m. update: It's flippin' snowing AGAIN!!!!! Who do you have to bribe/kill to have spring last longer than a week?

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