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Goodies from the cataloguer's desk

Today's theme: home decor

Calm down. Take deep breaths. I haven't gone Martha Stewart on you. Most books on interior design leave me cold ... usually because the walls are white or cream and the decor, while very aesthetic, generally screams "museum" or "sterile zone" rather than "home" to my eyes (or else the rooms are so cluttered that just looking at the pictures triggers claustrophobia in me). But today I had the pleasure of cataloguing Modern Glamour by Kelly Wearstler ... a book rich in colour, texture and whimsy. This isn't a how-to book ... it's a showcase of Wearstler's work. Mainly hotels, restaurants and other commercial ventures, but they look far more relaxing and welcoming than most interior-decorated homes. Some piccies on the book page and more at KWID (her company Web site). Also grabbed some sites from the back of the book for fabrics (many interior design fabrics are just crying to be turned into clothing/costumes ... links at the end of this post)

If Wearstler isn't your style, perhaps Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius by Bob Iannini is more to your taste. Now the interiors favoured by James Bond villains and mad scientists are available to everyone ... this book has the how-to information for all kinds of doohickeys that provide impressive, futuristic effects (plus directions for assembling a plasma light saber in case a hero tries to attack your newly refurbished digs!). If you're into things that hum and glow/flash, then this your essential guide.

Ahem ... okay, the promised links. A couple of these suppliers are only for the trade, but it's still fun to browse (and isn't a friendship with an interior decorator worthwhile if you can talk 'em into picking up a few goodies for you?)

Clarence House
Bergamo Fabrics
F. Schumacher & Co.
Frette Homewear (musical site alert ... a different theme for each department)
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