JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Have accomplished ...

... the one thing I was determined to do today: set aside the "official" to-read pile and re-read my copy of Jack London's The Assassination Bureau, Ltd. (an unfinished novel written by London in 1910, and completed by Robert L. Fish, from London's notes, in 1964). An intriguing read if you can get your hands on a copy; the more easily-obtained movie version is a fun romp that, while changed in the details, tells the tale of the head of an assassination business accepting a contract on his own life and embarking on a kill-or-be-killed struggle with his "co-workers".

If you find this notion intriguing, another novel worth reading (and I wish I OWNED a copy) is "Going Public", by David Westheimer (author of "Von Ryan's Express); this one is about three contract killers who join forces to form a company advertising their services (mainly as a tax dodge) and end up franchising and selling shares. :-)
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