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Hmmmmm ...

With yet another heap of Cataloguer's Desktop notes sitting in front of me, I'm pondering a change. Because there are people in my life who are aware that I do some sort of online booklist, but who I don't necessarily want reading the rest of my LJ, the notion of opening up a second LJ just for the books has been crossing my mind more and more lately. Not only my own privacy protected, but that of my buddies as well, since I won't make any connections or links between the booklist and my own LJ (although there will be a link from my LJ to the booklist for the convenience of those who already know too much ... ***GRIN***)

I'll also backtrack and move all the previous Cataloguer's Desktops over to the new location, using LJ's backdating feature to keep 'em all in the original order ... one-stop shopping for all your literary temptations! ;-)

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