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Retrieved my notes today ...

The German Army and genocide, by the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.

The Tuesday erotica club, by L.B. Kovetz.

A closet full of shoes : simple ways to make them chic, Jo Packham and Sara Toliver. Actually, my co-workers and I decided that many of the ideas in this book are downright scary ... so it HAD to be shared.

Local/global : women artists in the nineteenth century, edited by Deborah Cherry and Janice Helland.

Thinking in images : film theory, feminist philosophy and Marlene Dietrich, by Catherine Constable.

British queer cinema, edited by Robin Griffiths.

Jewish identities in American feminist art, by Lisa E. Bloom.

Abstract art against autonomy : infection, resistance, and cure since the 60s, by Mark A. Cheetham.

Libraries, photography by Candida Höfer, essay by Umberto Eco.

The book of duos : the stories behind history's great partnerships, by Ian Harrison.

America's boy, by Wade Rouse.

A little larger than the entire universe, by Fernando Pessoa.

Cockeyed : a memoir, by Ryan Knighton.

The big picture : getting perspective on what's really important in life, by Ben Carson.

Fatal purity : Robespierre and the French Revolution, by Ruth Scurr.

Jeb and Dash : a diary of gay life, 1918-1945, by Jeb Alexander and Ina Russell. An older item I came across in CPL's online catalogue while checking the call number for "America's Boy."

Can you hear the nightbird call?, by Anita Rau Badami.

Moral disorder, by Margaret Atwood.

Blind willow, sleeping woman : 24 stories, by Haruki Murakami.

The joy of doing things badly : a girl's guide to love, life and foolish bravery, by Veronica Chambers.

Contemporary whitework, by Tracy A. Franklin and Nicola Jarvis.

Aksel Sandemose and Canada, by Aksel Sandemose, translated and edited by Christopher S. Hale.

Booked : the last 150 years told through mug shots, by Giacomo Papi.

The bad driver's handbook : hundreds of simple maneuvers to frustrate, annoy, and endanger those around you, by Zack Arnstein and Larry Arnstein.

Restoration London, by Liza Picard.

The squirrel mother : stories, by Megan Kelso.

Indian painting : the great mural tradition, by Mira Seth.

Art out of time : unknown comics visionaries, 1900-1969, by Dan Nadel.

Fusing fabric : creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron, by Margaret Beal.

Modernism in American silver : 20th-century design, by Jewel Stern.

The bipolar handbook : real life questions with up-to-date answers, by Wes Burgess.
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