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"If there's one thing I hate more than a brutual tyrant, it's a stupid brutal tyrant!"

Plus the useful information that pulchritudinous space amazons "only inhabit temperate to tropical climate zones due to their deadly allergic reaction to copious amounts of clothing! Every xenobiologist knows that!"

Ain't nothin' like a trip to the comics shop and a new issue of "Rex Libris" to put a few giggles into the day. :-)

Also scored:

Matt Wagner's Mage: the hero defined. I bought Mage: the hero discovered back in the late eighties (mine's the old 3-volume set), so it's about time I found out what happens next.

Fables: the mean seasons ... volume five in Bill Willingham's marvelous saga of displaced folkloric characters hiding out in New York City.

The Sandman: dream country ... volume three in Mr. Gaiman's legendary series.

That oughta keep the to-read pile on the coffee table looking healthy. ;-)
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