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The REAL thing ...

An excerpt from Mowat's "The boat who wouldn't float" (I HAD to re-read my copy after pimping it to the rest of you): creative "cookery" after the boat's tank of fresh water managed to drain itself ...

Mike was discreetly busy down below. After a while he scrambled up on deck bearing two steaming mugs.
"Here, Skipper," he said. "Drink this. And begorra, I'll bet you've never tasted Irish coffee like it!"
In truth I never had. I probably never will again. But this I can confirm: black coffee made with rum as a substitute for water is a drink of exceptional authority.

This marine barrista, BTW, was also the Director of Libraries for the Province of Newfoundland at the time ... great minds DO abound in the profession ... ***GRIN***
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