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Additional reading or Old favourites unearthed while revamping database ...

For your must-read lists: The boat who wouldn't float, by Farley Mowat. This Canadian classic has stayed in print since it's original publication in 1969 ... quite possibly one of the funniest memoirs ever written, without the author ever once having to resort to exaggeration. A tale of two men (an author and his publisher/buddy) and their refurbished Newfoundland fishing boat, The Happy Adventure (soon unofficially renamed "The Unhappy Misadventure")

Trust me ... the humour centres of your brain will thank you for this (although your laughter-aching sides may have a few complaints).

In case you need more convincing ... from the back cover of my own copy (received as a Christmas gift in 1976):

When a boat meant to sail has a submarine's instincts and her own ideas about when to start (or stop) and which direction she'll go in (usually down), then her crew has to be ready for anything. And the crew of Happy Adventure, with Farley Mowat as skipper, rises to (or is it from?) a wet run of hilarious and harrowing challenges -- with everything dampened except their spirits.

Oh, and in case you were thinking that the name "Farley Mowat" is vaguely familiar, he is also the author of Never cry wolf ... the memoir of his experiences during a solo wolf study in Canada's north and inspiration for the movie of the same name (you have to read the book to get his recipe for Souris à la Creme).
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