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They came!

My James Turner t-shirts from Slave Labor Publishing were in my mailbox tonight ... YAY!!!!!

James Turner t-shirts James Turner t-shirts

Grey = "Ordo Biblioteca" logo from "Rex Libris; white = "Optimists eat babies" propaganda poster from "Nil"

They're a comfortable, curve-hugging fit on me, but anyone larger around the chest than I am is advised to look at the men's sizes ... I bought the largest of the "ladies' fit" available in order to guarantee that the underarm seam wouldn't be trying to locate itself in the middle of my shoulder joint. Cotton is lightweight, but not cheap see-through ... I tried the white one on and hot pink bra was barely detectable (and then only when the bathroom light was hitting at just the right angle).

I'm thinking of showing the Optimists one to my workteam tomorrow and announcing that if I'm wearing it, it's a signal that nobody is to talk to me outside of coffee break/lunch unless there are three-foot flames shooting out of their computer ...

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