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Firefly is everywhere ...

Tonight I settled down to watch the first episode of season one of Da Vinci's Inquest ... an excellent Canadian series that I was only ever able to see in snips and snatches because it kept bouncing all over the TV schedule (despite that it managed to stay on the air for seven years and carries on in a spinoff called Da Vinci's City Hall). Less than five minutes into the episode and there's Firefly's Jewel Staite! Playing Da Vinci's daughter!!! A regular???!!! I have vague memories of seeing a couple of episodes with a daughter. A quick pokle in IMDB reveals that she frequently guest-starred as Gabriella Da Vinci during the first three seasons ... hope I'm gonna be able to watch this without spaceship flashbacks. :p

So, if you want to see Kaylee as a brunette, harass your local video shop/library to get this one in (heck, harass 'em even if you don't care about that just 'cause it's a damned good show)
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