JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Communications update

The computer will be going to the computer doctor down at Future Shop tomorrow after work or, more likely on Friday afternoon since I have it off and it'll be nicer to be carrying my precious computer across a traffic-free parking lot. I talked to one of their tech people while I was in buying Norton last night (their rebate, BTW, is TWICE as much as McAfee's ... combined, the pair nearly cancel out what I paid to upgrade to Security Suite 8.0 in the first place), told him what had happened and what I planned to do and he agreed that I was doing the right thing.

But it didn't work ... I suspect it's partially that the very new McAfee can't deal with the three-year-old user32.dll that's currently installed, so I'm back to using Task Manager to access my Desktop and other features. And still can't get at my Outlook email, except via Fastmail online ... not acceptable for any length of time because I have relatives that like to surprise me with large batches of photos and Fastmail hands out 24-hour suspensions to people with free accounts who exceed their account ... I speak from experience here. :p

Anything important that can be backed up already was/is, aside from my new video collection database and the handful of books I've purchased recently ... if I can break into Outlook, I might take the chance to send a zipped file to one of you for temporary storage, just in case ('cause I really DON'T want to watch and make notes on all the credits on all those DVD TV-show episodes again if I don't have to).

Otherwise, tonight I'll continue loading my collection of vintage erotic drawings/photos into the massive gallery space that LJ so kindly gave me (for the over-excited, right now I'm loading them higgledy-piggledy into private folders so you can't see them yet, except for a couple of items in a newly-created "Japanese" subfolder in the Erotic Art section ... you'll never look at sumo wrestling in the same way again ***GRIN***).

And while I'm at it, I'll continue to be REALLY appreciating how lovely it is to be able to easily communicate with buddies all over the place (before I merely appreciated it) ... so many posts I want to comment on and no way to do it! I miss interacting with all of you. :-(

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