JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

In my dark little cave ...

... 'cause our comfy weather is over and temp is supposed to go up to 32C today. Windows all closed to keep the night-cooled air in and blinds all closed until the sun is no longer in a position to cook the interior air through the glass. Will have to venture out to the grocery store this evening however, since the inhouse frozen lemonade supply isn't sufficient to last until Monday. A weekend to inhale lots of liquids and read (have a bag full o' graphics and comics from D-at-work, plus my own haul from yesterday afternoon's visit to the library), and maybe do small odds and ends of tidying (should really put some Douglas Adams in the spareroom tapedeck to keep me in there long enough to clear the ironing backlog, since those cotton and gauze shirts are prime hot-weather wear).

Was hoping to get back to doing some sewing (inspired by new fabric loot ... photos later), but it's no fun if one is sweating on everything. :-(

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