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All the pattern stuff (so far) in one place ...

Originally tracked down for anotheranon and passed on to her in an assortment of LJ replies ...

EDIT: In her link to this post, anotheranon mentioned the lack of non-standard patterns for men. I'll have to do some proper digging/research, but here's a start point for those feeling more ambitious than I am today: About.com: Men's sewing patterns. As I find more sites, for women or for men, I'll keep adding them to the bottom of the list in this post. :-)

Independent Pattern Company Alliance: one-stop shopping for several independent pattern designers.

Petite Plus Patterns: listed in the site above, but worthy of special mention because their patterns are drafted for D-cup rather than the more traditional B-cup.

Perpetual Patterns: an Australian distributor of independent patterns from Canada and the States. Just uses codes instead of naming the individual companies (understandable, as they want your business), but I've figured out some of them:
SW = The Sewing Workshop
R = ReVisions
PP = Purrfection
LH = Loes Hinse
MT = Material Things Pattern Collection (no website, but patterns can be ordered direct from the designer in B.C. at: ce_podolak@telus.net)
F = Folkwear
Some of the other codes can probably be matched to companies listed in the Independent Pattern Company Alliance link above.

Christine Jonson Patterns

Smoke and Fire Co.

Akasha Clothing

Pattern Studio

Brown Paper Patterns

Encore Designs

Pavelka Design

Silhouette Patterns

Sensibility Patterns

Textile Studio Patterns

Carol Lane-Saber Designs

Wildly Wonderful Wearables

La Fred

Park Bench Pattern Co.

Homestead Specialties

The Cutting Line Designs

Material Things

The Green Pepper Patterns

Vogue Patterns' Today's Fit line is graded for a C-cup in D-E-F sizes and a D-cup in G-H-I-J sizes; all the patterns are multi-sized as well (just click on the "Vogue Patterns" icon and then click on the "today's fit" link in the index menu on the left to see what's currently available)

For fitting help, harass your local bookseller and/or library to bring in the Palmer Pletsch Real People books if they don't already have them. Also, look for Palmer/Pletsch patterns in the McCall's Patterns section of the link in the previous paragraph ... they have extensive fit-as-you-sew instructions included.

And if Australian Stitches magazine is available in your area, take a look! Their articles on alterations and fitting are far more detailed and better illustrated than those in Threads; they also frequently package a free back issue with the current issue (which means the pair will be wrapped in cellophane and you can't flip through 'em, but you won't be disappointed by buying blind ... I've yet to purchase an issue that didn't have something useful in it). I've gathered that it's hard to find in the States, but Amazon.com does sell subscriptions.

In the past, I've posted other lists of sewing-related links (mainly fabrics/notions) ... feel free to use the "sewing" tag at the bottom of this post to zip over to them. :-)

P.S. Some of the older posts may now be lacking their photos ... they were, out of necessity, housecleaned out of my gallery in the bad old days before LJ gave paid accounts practically bottomless photo space. Yell at me if there's something you particularly want to see and I'll do my best to fix it.
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