JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Never too late to learn something new ...

Last night I went down the street to my local RONA store to buy a drill ... a useful tool that I just hadn't got 'round to buying until now (well why bother when, in my previous residence, my landlord was happy to loan any tools that weren't in my own toolbox). But it became a necessity this week because the doors to my new IKEA cabinet aren't pre-drilled for handles (that particular product line requires one to choose handles from the full IKEA range and you don't know how many holes you're gonna need until you choose), so off I toddled. Lots and lots of choices of course, but I figured it was safe to browse the low end of the price range, since it wasn't gonna be a daily use item. :p

Bottom price ... for $30.00, a basic drill, no frills and a brand name I've never heard of. But for ten dollars more, the store's own brand, in a case, with 100 bits, and a three-year warranty included. That's more like it. So I purchase, go home, shower off the day's book dust stuck to me with sweat, get dinner, wind down ... and then decide to open up my new toy. VERY nice. Comfortable fit to my hand, auxiliary handle for two-handed work (which gives it that automatic weapon look ***grin***), depth gauge for precision work. And yes, 100 bits. Every tool tip/size I could possibly ever need and then some. Of course not ONE of them is an actual DRILL bit (hey, I've never BOUGHT a drill before, just used 'em ... surely it could have occurred to the designers of the packaging that there might be the occasional amateur among the customers?)

So back to the store after work tonight, and I now have a package of brad point drill bits. At this rate, I just might get the doors on this thing and be able to stash my fabric stash by the weekend. :-)

P.S. There was a bonus to my second shopping expedition ... took the time to browse among the screwdrivers and they actually had a precision set in stock! (any other time I've gone hunting, there's been an empty hook over the label) This is something I've wanted for quite a while ... now I can properly tighten up the hinges on my glasses myself (I can do it using the smallest screwdriver from my sewing machine, but I have to use one corner of the blade and it's awkward ... much nicer to have the same tools that they have at the optometrist. Also means I can once in a while open the frames, take out the lenses and give 'em a thorough cleaning (there's always those bits of microfluff and gunk that seem to wedge themselves twixt lens and frame, especially in elderly pairs like mine that have had several changes of lenses over the years).

But first things first ... dinner and then drilling! :D

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