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Yum! Have finished reading V for Vendetta and also volume one of Gaiman's The Sandman (which has been languishing in the to-read pile for a while now, waiting until it could get proper attention). Loved 'em both. I think the movie version of VfV was very true to the book ... as true as a movie can be, and keeping in the proper spirit in the bits that were changed (those changes reminded me of the ones Douglas Adams kept making in the many incarnations of H2G2 ... still the same story, but at the same time a different and enhanced one). Most impressive that all the important stuff was retained ... usually that's the first thing to get chucked/dumbed down when the film industry gets its claws into something. :p

Sandman. Ah, Sandman. Now I've got to get the other ten volumes. :-) Plus all the peripheral stories, too! I do already own, have read and reread Endless Nights, so I've got a wee start on that ...

And now that the to-read pile is greatly decimated, on to another on my must-reread list: The Moon's Fire-eating Daughter. Unless, of course, IKEA calls ... if the base for my cabinet comes in then THAT project goes back to top of the list. Busy, bizzy, bissy ...
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