JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Most profound ...

... apologies to jennixen ... I gave her a link to a fanfic, not realizing that it led to only a teaser. HERE is the entire text of Jean Graham's The Ultimate Slash Story.

Note: For the poor, deprived souls who aren't familiar with the Blakes 7 universe, I suggested more familiar character substitutions yesterday:

Rest of the crew=Other X-men of your choice (the really twisted part of my brain DOES suggest Vila=Cyclops ***EVIL grin***)
Orac=Prof. X
Zen=Prof. X's supercomputer (the name keeps escaping me and I'm too lazy to look it up)

Oh, and soma=the knock-out-a-charging-elephant alcohol of your choice

It works. Trust me ... };-)
Tags: reading

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