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Adventures in vacationland ...

Being busy isn't so bad when you get to do it at a relaxed pace. Tuesday I got my hair coloured and cut ... it's still the familiar red from the ears up, but below it's now a chestnut brown, which peeks out from under the red. Really NEAT two-tone effect when I put it in a twist. J. says next time he's going to do the bottom layer in a dark chocolate shade for a greater contrast. :-)

Made more double chocolate chip cookies last night and this morning took the c-train up to the public library to share with my counterparts there. Ended up helping a new-to-Calgary Sikh gent buy his train ticket at the station (I remember it took me a while to figure out the silly ticket dispensers the first time I took the train, so he had my full sympathies) and get going in the right direction for a job interview in the NE of the city. He'd been living in Montreal, so we were chatting on the train about different places in Canada we'd been, and then, after I pointed out Stampede Park as we passed it, the chap sitting across from us joined in too ... he was a retired transit driver and told us "horror" stories about driving the buses during Stampede week. Downtown, got my charge over to the correct platform for his train change, wished him luck with his interview, and scooted back across the street to the public library for a couple of hours of schmoozing, cookie-munching, meeting new staff, gossiping, and hanging over K.'s shoulder while she catalogued ... seeing the differences between their system and ours.

***slight pause as the room suddenly went dark enough that I need to turn the light on and that sounds like HAIL hitting the metal balcony railing ... yup ... the sun just suddenly turned into thundering and raining and hailing***

Then a little wandering downtown ... all the shops getting braced ... er ... ready for Stampede, a time when all sensible Calgarians stock up on food, batten down the hatches, and don't go anywhere they don't absolutely HAVE to (work, the emergency room if it's definitely an artery that's severed, etc.) Dropped into The Bay, on the premise that the main, multi-story downtown store should have ALL the Jockey models and colours of bras and underwear ... astonishingly the five-story building has LESS selection than the little two-story place at the local mall (frustratingly, Jockey online only ships to the States ... I may recruit one of you for a little 3-way mailing one of these days). Entertaining commiseration on all that with the salesclerk, who turned out to not only be a fellow Jockey devotee, but a lover of the exactly the same underwear. ***GRIN*** DID score a couple of v-neck tank tops (1 black, 1 gray), which'll make comfy wearing when I return to the workplace hothouse.

Then back to the train and home and off to IKEA, as I'd finally had a mental idea (and measurements) for housing both my printer AND a chunk of the burgeoning fabric stash. Ze winnair is this little item with the plinth and cabinet body/shelves in black-brown, and the doors lacquered in VERY shiny dark red (like this). It's deep enough to hold large pieces of folded fabric, and as long as nobody looks inside, it can pretend to be a small sideboard or something (and it'll look a HELLuva lot better than the old bedside table that the printer currently lives on). The plinth (in my colour) was out of stock, but they've got a new shipment arriving in the next couple of days, so I've got one reserved ... when I have all the bits here and assembled, I'll post a piccie, as all the floor and catalogue models pair the red with the light wood and never with the dark (which is odd, because the pieces I've got propped against the wall look great together).

And my number in the library holds queue finally came up, so I got to start reading V for Vendetta last night.

I could really get used to this leisure thing ... :-)

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