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A feeling of accomplishment ...

It's only Tuesday and I'm already getting stuff done! Amazing what some R&R will do for a girl! :-)

Over at JLS' Collections the formerly "under construction" Listening section has only contained my CDs so far ... now all the LPs and cassettes have been added and the list is current and complete. Still have a lot to do on the database end, entering tracks, dates, categories, etc., but at least the main info of artist, title, format, and language is in ... however I'm contemplating buying CATraxx and don't want to do a lot of keyboarding, only to have to redo it in a new system (ESPECIALLY since CATraxx will download a lot of the album info FOR me). Currently, at least I now have a complete list which I can refer to while researching which titles in my older formats are available on CD. :-)

The movie list has also been updated to include new titles; the booklist needs to be, but I'm in the middle of switching some of the data to a different field, so that'll have to wait until everything is consistent again. I'll get there.

Have also added a bunch of new links to the GBLT section of JLS' Favourite Oddities and Curiosities (that's under "Reference and Research")

And in addition to that, have made a nice dent in the to-read pile on the coffee table, and am currently well into re-reading Caroline Mytinger's Headhunting in the Solomon Islands around the Coral Sea (WOW, it's still in print! ... mine is an original 1942 hardcover, sadly minus its dustjacket). I do love a deceptive title ... during the Depression, Mytinger and a girlfriend traveled alone, with very little cash (they paid their way as they went by charging fellow whites for portraits), and very few clues as to what they were getting into, to the Solomons for the purpose of "headhunting" ... preserving the native peoples and their cultures/costumes in paintings/portraits before the Western planters and missionaries managed to completely "modernize" them ... quite a shocking thing for women of any age/status to do at that time. There are some plates of Mytinger's paintings in the book, as well as many little charcoal sketches ... lovely stuff. :-)
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