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Friday, lovely Friday!

To be followed by a VERY long weekend, as I'm taking next week off ... a break I've been trying to take for three months, only to be thwarted by crises, meetings, interviews, project delays, and all kinds of other workplace "fun and games." None of which were anybody's fault (except for the project delays and runarounds, for which that particular client is fully to blame and going to the "special hell"), but weren't allowing me to disappear either. Thought I was nearly out of luck this time too, as one of my cataloguers informed me on Monday that she had another job and was giving her two-week notice, but ze boss and I scrambled and got a plan in place, so I don't have to worry about it. :-)

Mmmmm ... R&R! Sleeping when I'm tired and being allowed to be up when I'm not. Working on my own personal database and computer learning stuff. Being able to do something about my scanty hot-weather work wardrobe (I've spent most of my working summers bundled up against office air conditioning and last summer here was comfortably cool) without having to fight the other weekend shoppers. Coffee and schmoozing with my counterpart at the public library (nah, this isn't work ... we two cataloguing geeks email back and forth outside of our respective offices all the time). Hopefully time at the sewing machine (which would also aid the summer wardrobe problem). Catching up on reading and movies and stuff. Strolls in the nifty neighbourhoods of 17th Avenue and Inglewood and Kensington.

I feel rested already, just thinking about it! :-)

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