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Tastebud happiness ...

Had dinner last night at Cravings Market Restaurant, which opened across the street from my workplace a short time ago. Definitely HIGH on the list of places to eat in Calgary, starting with the BEST Caesar salad I've ever had (you stand at the counter and watch as they drop a serving of romaine into a large bowl, add dressing, croutons and grated parmesan, swirl and toss it all to make sure it's well mixed and coated, then put it in a serving bowl, top generously with more parmesan and REAL bacon and hand it to you. :-)

Just the beginning of an unusual dining experience. The wait-staff only take drink orders (and do prompt refills), answer questions,and remove used plates and cutlery. Each customer is given a large card (like those you get at shops to collect stamps for a discount). You visit each of the many food stations, make your choices and collect stamps on your card (the card has three squares for each station and each choice has a different stamp picture assigned to it) ... then your food is prepared and brought to your table (losing the card means either a fifty dollar fine or eight hours of peeling potatoes ... customer's choice). We all had dessert in mind, so weren't going for the larger items (it's also been horribly hot here this week, which tends to depress the appetite). Went for an old-fashioned bacon cheeseburger + fries ... something I haven't had for a LONG time. A REAL burger ... not one of those sad, flavourless pre-made patties (according to the blackboard, all their meat is organic and/or free-range ... a MAJOR point-scorer IMHO) ... with a generous amount of REAL melted cheese and perfectly cooked meaty bacon (as opposed to the usual strips of fat with a smidge of pinkish-brown that's supposed to be meat), plus loads of onion, tomato, leafy greens, etc. The fries ... piping hot, crisp on the outside and melting on the inside ... very obviously freshly cut when my order was placed rather than frozen or pre-cut and soaking in water for hours (to prevent them turning black).

For dessert ... scrumptious deep-dish apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce (we had a workplace dinner here a couple of weeks ago with a set menu, but we had free range of the dessert station and I had a large piece of divine chocolate linzer that night) ... real whipped cream is also offered.

I think we'll be eating there again ... frequently. :d

P.S. This place also does take-out and catering ... talk about the PERFECT foodery! The only thing that holds them at a 99% score instead of a perfect 100% is the fact that they serve Starbucks coffee (which, to my tastebuds and to those of many other Canucks, has an odd under/aftertaste ... Tim Horton's still reigns supreme when it comes to purchased doses of caffeine).

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