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Amazing how ...

... a new shower curtain makes the whole bathroom look refurbished. As long as one refuses to take notice of one's peripheral vision. :p

Now that it's finally up, I'm almost tempted to go back to the store and get another one for my fabric stash, just 'cause it's so pretty ... strips of three different-coloured (purple, dark red, light red) iridescent fabric, with top-stitched "stripes" in blue, orange, and yellow (if you click the thumbnail up to the largest size, you can see the stitching). And the light red iridesces to a greenish-gold/orangish) that somewhat matches the scattered "decorative" tiles over the tub (70s avocado & gold-orange, fortunately mostly hidden by the curtain) ... I'm calling that interior design colour coordination until somebody can prove otherwise. :p

That was my inspiration to clean the tub and other stuff; most of the kitchen counter is excavated, the dishwasher is running, and I've got laundry ready to go as soon as the washer is free. Guess there's an upside to working so many Saturdays ... when I do treat myself to a two-day weekend, I feel as if I've got tons of time to get things done and still have some fun besides (the never-ending stack o' to-read books, plus a couple of loaned movies to view).

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