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Proud to be Canadian

Have been treating myself to a break in the packing/furniture disassembly campaign by reading Larry Zolf's columns ( http://www.cbc.ca/news/viewpoint/vp_zolf/ ) on the new same-sex marriage laws in this country. Today's was, as usual, excellent. Nice to have a devoutly Catholic Prime Minister who understands and believes in the separation of church and state and is using his last weeks before retirement in a just cause, even while his own church is condemning him to hell. The man's got guts and Parliament Hill ain't gonna be the same without Chrètien.

I've been a supporter of this type of legislation for many years, long before I joined the ranks of the same-sex-partnered [or even suspected that I WOULD join those ranks :-)], so I'm very proud to be living in one of the countries that's working towards pioneering these basic human rights.
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