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Better late than never ...

Have just returned from (FINALLY) seeing V For Vendetta at the theatre ... very VERY enjoyable! (and my drive home was full of happy fantasies of Bush and Harper shitting themselves as massed, masked citizens march upon them in their respective capitals ***GRIN***). Most impressive performances ... Hugo Weaving proved, as have others, that the talented don't need to use their faces to communicate emotion, Stephen Rea sucked me right into his character's investigation (but you all know I have a thing for realistic cop portrayals and forensics), Natalie Portman was refreshingly more than just a token pretty face, John Hurt was a scarily accurate raving, fear-ridden dictator, and Stephen Fry was his usual brilliant self (not getting nearly enough screen time, but that's just the bias of somebody who would watch him in ANYTHING and bake cookies for the privilege ... which may not seem much, but remember that this is a statement from a woman who hates to cook).

Now I HAVE to read the graphic novel ...
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