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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Earthly powers : the clash of religion and politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War, by Michael Burleigh.

Creators : from Chaucer and Durer to Picasso and Disney, by Paul Johnson.

Dying for Jerusalem : the past, present and future of the holiest city, by Walter Laqueur.

A concise history of the Middle East, 8th edition, by Arthur Goldschmidt and Lawrence Davidson.

Apocalypse chow : how to eat well when the power goes out, by Jon Robertson and Robin Robertson. Useful not only during power outages, but for creative hot summer day meal preparation without having to fire up the stove. :-)

Stephen Fry's incomplete and utter history of classical music as told to Tim Lihoreau, by Stephen Fry and Tim Lihoreau. Based on Mr. Fry's radio show of the same title.

The coffee house : a cultural history, by Markman Ellis.

Massage : a career at your fingertips, 5th edition, by Martin Ashley. A business guide for masseurs.

A question of torture : CIA interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror, by Alfred W. McCoy.

The Frenchman : a photographic interview with Fernandel, by Philippe Halsman. A reissue of the 1951 publication.

The humanure handbook : a guide to composting human manure, 3rd edition, by Joseph C. Jenkins. Compost doesn't come much cheaper than this. ;-)

In search of memory, by Eric R. Kandel.

Incredible good fortune : new poems, by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Riding rockets : the outrageous tales of a space shuttle astronaut, by Mike Mullane.

Maeve Brennan, by Angela Bourke.

Dr. Susan Love's breast book, 4th edition, by Susan M. Love and Karen Lindsey.

The best American science and nature writing 2005, edited by Jonathan Weiner.

Fashion now 2, edited by Terry Jones and Susie Rushton.

AIDS in America, by Susan Hunter.

To dare and to conquer : special operations and the destiny of nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda, by Derek Leebaert.

The triumph of nature : the paintings of Helmut Ditsch, by Helmut Ditsch.

Dating fabrics 2 : a color guide 1950-2000, by Eileen J. Trestain. The author's previous volume covers 1800-1960.

The Renaissance soul : life design for people with too many passions to pick just one, by Margaret Lobenstine.

The awful end of Prince William the Silent : the first assassination of a head of state with a handgun, by Lisa Jardine.

Hip knit hats : 40 fabulous designs, by Cathy Carron.

Fresh men : new voices in gay fiction, selected by Edmund White and edited by Donald Weise, and Fresh men 2 : new voices in gay fiction, selected and edited by Donald Weise.

Passion at work : how to find work you love and live the time of your life, by Lawler Kang.

The art of wonder : a history of seeing, by Julian Spalding.

A short history of Asia, 2nd edition, by Colin Mason.
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