JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

I do believe ...

... it might really be spring here (as opposed to the many "fake" springs we have each year, thanks to chinooks and other Foothills weather phenomena). The trees have broken out in full-sized leaves, the grass is green, the squirrels are playing tag instead of digging for last fall's stored food. There's a horde of winged aphids glittering in the sun outside my windows (and anyone who's been foolish enough to go outdoors wearing yellow or light green is covered with the little critters), and a crow has just sailed by, as glossy and smooth as wet black ink instead of having that slightly duller and rumpled look that corvids wear in winter (landing to drink out of a water dish some thoughtful soul has put out on one of the retaining walls at the end of the courtyard). No sign of jackrabbits this morning, but that's a spring sign too ... with green'n'juicy grazing everywhere, they don't have to forage 24/7, but can consume their daily food requirement in fewer hours, and are probably loafing in the sun somewhere out of the breeze. All I need is a couple of magpies and my living television will be complete. :-)

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