JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Recent additions ...

... to the JLS collection:

Oaxaca journal, by Oliver Sacks. Sacks is just plain fun (as well as informative) ... I highly recommend his Island of the colorblind as well.

Poisons : from hemlock to botox and the killer bean of Calabar, by Peter Macinnis. I don't know HOW I've survived this long without a good poisons book ...

Bodies and souls : the tragic plight of three Jewish women forced into prostitution in the Americas, by Isabel Vincent. Prostitution has a long history, but this is a piece of it which hasn't been studied until now ...

The green-eyed monster and Bad Suki, both by Peter O'Donnell ... two more wonderful Modesty Blaise graphic collections! :-)

The first volume of Bill Willingham's wonder Fables series: Legends in exile. Classic moment: Pinocchio, on being asked why he attends the annual Fabletown party if he never has a good time, replies, "Because, sooner or later, that Blue Fairy, who turned me into a REAL boy, is going to show her face at one of these things, and I'm going to kick her pretty azure ass. ... who knew I'd have to stay a boy FOREVER? The ditzy bitch interpreted my wish too literally. I'm over three centuries old and I still haven't gone through puberty. I want to grow up, I want my balls to drop, and I want to get LAID."

Oh, and of course, issue #4 of Jim Turner's wickedly funny Rex Libris Am also happy dancing 'cause I JUST discovered that a Rex Libris statue is in the works! (description from a site that had no images: "6.5" tall Rex Libris Statue featuring the librarian stomping on the severed hand of a demon who had one too many overdue books!")
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