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Bushwannabe strikes again ...

Harper's first act, after a campaign that included being highly critical of elected officials "crossing the floor" (usually away from him), was to, within a day or so of winning the election, bribe a Liberal to cross over to HIS party with the promise of a Cabinet post, AND refusing to cooperate with the Ethics Commissioner's investigation into the matter, claiming, incorrectly and illegally, that the P.M. is exempt from accountability (other recent crossings have been just before an election, honourably allowing constituents the chance to decide their representation, or else 2-3 years after election, which means another one is reasonably imminent).

And now ...

Commissioner slams Harper for about-face on info access reform

Priority Six - we are a bunch of pricks (companion piece: Dead soldier's father has critical words for PM

Tories offer plan for fixed election dates (one of the joys Canadian government is that politicians never know when the next election is coming ... we have a maximum five year term, but an election can be called at any time within that term ... which means they generally have to keep working until the last minute, and have to deal with controversy when it happens instead of focusing on their popularity. Elections are only announced 40 days before the event, so campaigns are short and votes are more likely to be based on recent actions instead of on who managed to get the most photo ops).
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