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Another one ...

... for the "I WANT THE DVD" list: Brass. Currently only available in Region 2, but a girl can hope for a region 1 version someday, can't she?

This series was hilarious; a spoof of all the evening soaplike dramas ("Dallas", "Dynasty" and their ilk), British gloom'n'doom Yorkshire dramas, historical dramas, and basically anything else the writers could think of ... played absolutely straight by the actors and broadcast blessedly sans laughtrack.

It focused on the wealthy Hardacre clan, whose patriarch, Bradley Hardacre, owned the mine, the town, and anything else of any value in the area, and the poverty-stricken, matriarch-ruled Fairchild family, whose male members labour in the Hardacre mines. Both families were brilliant, yet-not-boring extreme TV stereotypes of the characters usually found on television ... on the surface, at least. Once you got into the show, everything was just a teensy bit skewed. The Hardacre eldest son and heir hated his father and wanted to kill him so that he could seize control of the family empire ... but what other series would have had Daddy punishing his son for FAILING IN A PATRICIDE ATTEMPT! (failure meaning the son was still unworthy to inherit; he was expected to earn his inheritance by RL backstabbing ... yes, it sounds ghastly, but honestly I laughed so hard at this scene I was nearly sick). Mrs. Fairchild made speeches against the Hardacres in public, but in private she was Bradley Hardacre's mistress and he was the father of her youngest son ... which made things very tricky when Hardacre's daughter wanted to elope with the younger Fairchild ... although then there turned out to be some doubt about HER paternity ...

Gloriously twisted in plot, historically accurate in appearance (if you turned the sound off and couldn't lipread, you'd swear you were watching a period drama on Masterpiece Theatre) ... definitely one of Britain's finest. :-)
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