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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Thai massage manual, by Maria Mercati.

The big book of Bush cartoons, edited by Daryl Cagle and Brian Fairrington.

How to break an egg : 1,453 kitchen tips, food fixes, emergency substitutions and handy techniques, by the editors of Fine Cooking.

Pimp my lunch, by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. Especially for hadesgirl

The world's greatest lighthouses, by Annamaria Lilla Mariotti. This one's for hadesgirl and mjpg ... the book itself is practically the height of a small lighthouse, so you won't need a magnifying glass to make out the photo details. ;-)

Le rêve : a small collection of imperfect dreams, created by Franco Dragone.

Darwin : the indelible stamp : the evolution of an idea, by Charles Darwin and edited by James D. Watson.

More electronic gadgets for the evil genius, by Bob Iannini. I remembered how popular the first book was when it appeared on this list. :-)

Hairbrained, by Charles Glover.

Inside out : straight talk from a gay jock, by Mark Tewksbury.

Vile verses, by Roald Dahl. All of Dahl's poems and songs for kids, including the ones from his children's novels, collected together. :-)

My childhood under fire : a Sarajevo diary, by Nadja Halilbegovich.

The quantum zoo : a tourist's guide to the neverending universe, by Marcus Chown.

Kabul in winter : life without peace in Afghanistan, by Ann Jones.

The white man's burden, by William Easterly.

The last days of the Renaissance & the march to modernity, by Theodore K. Rabb.

The archaeology of war, by the editors of Archaeology magazine.

Curry : a tale of cooks and conquerors, by Lizzie Collingham. For all the vindaloo lovers out there ...

Untold stories, by Alan Bennett. Mr. Bennett was one of the original members/writers (the others being Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, and Jonathan Miller) of "Beyond the Fringe" ... the revue that changed the face of British comedy in 1961 ... as well as being the author of many very witty plays and films.

No excuses : the true story of a congenital amputee who became a champion in wrestling and in life, by Kyle Maynard.

The cutting edge : fashion from Japan, edited by Louise Mitchell. This is the one, anotheranon!

Knitovation : creative knitwear made from 3 simple shapes, by Barry Klein and Fayla Reiss.

Strapped : why America's 20- and 30- somethings can't get ahead, by Tamara Draut.

Another bloody century : future warfare, by Colin S. Gray.

Suspended animation : pain, pleasure and punishment in medieval culture, by Robert Mills.

The accidental masterpiece : on the art of life and vice versa, by Michael Kimmelman.

The bipolar workbook : tools for controlling your mood swings, by Monica Ramirez Basco.

Seven-step job search, by Michael Farr. Normally I wouldn't even look twice at an "instant results"-type job search guide (or any other type of guide, for that matter) ... this one, however, has a bit of sense to it.

Chinese textiles, by Verity Wilson. Treasures from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tightrope time : ain't nuthin' more than some itty bitty madness between twilight and dawn, by Walter Borden (better known to Lexx fans as the voice of His Divine Shadow, the Woz, and Doctor Longbore). This is the script of a one-man show he originally performed in the mid-eighties.

Deer burger cookbook, by Rick Black.

Costuming for film : the art and the craft, by Holly Cole and Kristin Burke.

The new crochet : 40 wonderful wearables, by Terry Taylor.

Kettlebells : strength training for power & grace, by Smith Vatel and Victoria D. Gray.

100 afghans to knit and crochet, by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.

The caliph's house : a year in Casablanca, by Tahir Shah.

Colour on cloth, by Ruth Issett.

Techno textiles 2 : revolutionary fabrics for fashion and design, by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke and Marie O'Mahony.

Frogs : a chorus of colors, by John L. Behler and Deborah A. Behler.
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