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New Books!!!!!

Yesterday I ventured into Calgary's Kensington neighbourhood in search of the award-winning bookstore, Pages. I'd been warned that parking is difficult to find, but found there were tons of empty spaces ... so much for the expertise of people who've lived here for a while :P ... and had fun walking around windowshopping and peoplewatching. This is a commercial neighbourhood that's been fixed up to encourage pedestrians ... lots of odd little boutiques, cafes, the Calgary-based chocolatier Bernard Callebaut ... nummy stuff! I'm told that there's some good secondhand clothing stores in the neighbourhood, which I'll have to look for on my next visit ... I confined my strolling to Kensington Road itself. That and freaking the young salesclerk in the old-fashioned candy store by asking for horehound; I suspect, from her initial "WHAT?!" and blush that she mentally put a "w" at the beginning of the word ... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously they didn't have any ***pouts***.

Purchases at Pages:

A replacement copy (my first was loaned to someone and hasn't been seen since) of Calgary author Andrew Nikiforuk's The Fourth Horseman : a short history of plagues, scourges and emerging viruses ... an interesting look at the histories, rises and declines of various epidemic diseases in human history, including leprosy, malaria, syphilis, AIDS, and potato blight (we don't need to CATCH the disease to be affected by it), among others. One of the best introductory books to the subject that I've ever come across (was on the reserved reading list for the college's biology students).

New to my collection, Catherine Blackledge's The Story of V : Opening Pandora's Box ... a history of the folklore, mythology, little-known science, and social history of the vagina, in as many cultures as the author can cram in. This one got me an "Oh, I wanna READ that!" from the cashier ***grin***

And, further evidence that bits of the human race ARE evolving (or at least trying to):

I have the Big Three comics syndicates bookmarked on my computer and catch up on my favourite strips each weekend, as those who have had goodies e-mailed to them may have noticed ;-) I also sample a new title or two each weekend, expanding my reading base. This weekend's discovery is Luann and this delightful bit of history from the extras on the pages. Frontier-pushers like this deserve LOTS of hits on their pages, IMHO.
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