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Aaahhhh ...

This is definitely the BEST way to handle time-change Monday ... take the flippin' thing off (I've taken tomorrow off as well).

Leisurely morning, non-crowded grocery store, no traffic during the day, a mini lustfest over Terence Stamp with the manager of Another Dimension (triggered by my purchasing a Modestry Blaise graphic collection, which led to talking about the novels, then about who was in the movie, then just Terence Stamp in general ***grin***).

I think I'm gonna start doing this for myself every year. :-)

P.S. Comic shop loot besides Modesty Blaise : the Gabriel set-up consisted of Fables, volume 4 : March of the Wooden Soldiers (I was hoping for volume 7, but it's not available yet ***pouts***), and Shelf life : fantastic stories celebrating bookstores, edited by Greg Ketter.

P.P.S. The publisher of Shelf Life has a LJ that lists all their new titles: dreamhaven
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