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Had to give it a try ...

Snitched from anotheranon

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9 chickweed lane absolutely fabulous afro celt sound system alistair maclean allo allo anthropology archaeology arrogant worms art babylon 5 bagpipe music barney miller ben elton billy connolly biology bisexuality blackadder blakes 7 bookcat books botany british films british television c.j. cherryh cab calloway captain tractor carry on movies cataloguing celtic music cephalopods chocolate ckua colin dexter comedy comic strips cross-stitch crossword puzzles dashiel hammett dawn french diana rigg didgeridoo music didjeridoo music digeridoo music dijeridoo music douglas adams fantasy farscape firefly frazz fritz leiber george macdonald fraser get fuzzy gigi (ethiopian singer) glbt glencoulee gormenghast helen mirren hugh laurie ikea jennifer saunders john myers myers kage baker keith hartman klezmer music knitting league of gentlemen lexx liberty meadows libraries maggie smith minette walters monotremes monty python mysteries neil gaiman neverwhere non sequitur oliver reed over the hedge p.g. wodehouse palaeontology patrick woodroffe pibgorn prisoner puppets who kill quaternary mammals quaternary marsupials r.d. wingfield rare air reading red dwarf rick mercer robbie coltrane robson green rowan atkinson same-sex marriage sarah waters science fiction sewing sociology stephen fry stephen wright taxi chain terry pratchett thin man movies tom holt tom sharpe william powell zoology

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Created by lazy_nekolazy_neko

Tags: memes and quizzes

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