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Semmie update

Just had a quick IRC chat with Semmie thanks to her new office with computer. She has survived first day of boring orientation, had fun joining with new math prof. to gang up on computer services trainer (thus making that session somewhat less boring), and was able to sneak into e-mail and send me notes during session, while maintaining innocent, "I'm-paying-attention" face for benefit of others. Is also discovering the joys of small towns and that there's only two degrees of separation between any individuals in the area ;)

Semmie says "Hi" to everyone, thanks for the well wishes (which I've passed on) and hopes to be electronically integrated again very soon, 'cause she misses everybody. Hugs to everyone from her!

On the home front, am making more moving progress. Acquired extra book boxes from mover and have promise of good paper boxes from college library circulation staff. Went into former workplace today to review procedures for loading cataloguing records with systems librarian ... she proudly copy-catalogued and printed spine labels for four books today (the outsourcing company will do the stuff that's ordered through them, but there's about 100 items that arrived in last week of work that never got as far as cataloguer ... outsourcer requires those to be shipped to them if cataloguing wanted, so better and cheaper for Fiona to do as many as possible herself). She's plotting to see if can get outsourcing switched from Blackwell's to the company I'm now working for ... after all, I DO know how they like things done ;)

Am taking another load of awkward/fragile stuff up to Calgary tomorrow ... weather is supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow and the smoke levels seem to be lower today (last week there was one place on the highway that was like driving through peasoup fog ... YUCK!!!!!)

Must wander into kitchen and do some of that cooking thingy now ...

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