JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The return of "the quietest neighbour" (and friend)

The resident jackrabbit has been keeping a pretty low profile over winter, only making an appearances as a moving white blob at night ... species that use camouflage tend to have surroundings awareness and since we've had very little snow all winter (until the last couple of weeks), in daylight it would have stood out against the brown earth and grass like a furry neon sign. But now there's LOTS of oddly-shaped snow blobs around, so who's gonna notice one that seems to have ears? And the beginnings of the summer coat growing in just help the illusion of slightly grubby city snow.

After I took a few piccies of the jackrabbit snuggled at the bottom of the tree, I saw a moving blob of white right at the edge of my vision, turned and discovered a second quiet neighbour ... further away, so didn't photograph as well. This one is smaller than the resident (who was a baby in the summer of 2004), so was probably born last summer (since I don't know whether the large jackrabbit is male or female, I have no idea whether #2 is an offspring or just a neighbour's kid who wandered in and made itself at home ... I suspect the latter, since there were no younglings in the courtyard last summer).

#1, in case you were wondering why it looks as if it has a large open mouth, was in the process of licking its darkly-muddied right front paw clean when I took the pictures (easier to see if you click on the thumbnails, then click on the "full size" link at the bottom of the purple folder).


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