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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

I can settle down to this, now that the Tubbs and Edward mystery is solved (boy, the League are absolute bastards to their characters in a way that the Pythons never even DREAMED of! ***HUGE grin***)

The roots of desire : the myth, meaning, and sexual power of red hair, by Marion Roach.

The paradox of excellence : how great performance can kill your business, by David Mosby & Michael Weissman. No, this isn't a goof-off-instead-of-making-an-effort manual; what it does is make the very valid point that if one doesn't keep customers/bosses informed of the EFFORT put into high performance, then there's a very great risk of creating escalating unrealistic expectations, which will, in turn, lead to a customer-perceived drop in performance.

"Just Mary" : the life of Mary Evelyn Grannan. Back in the radio days, , Mary Grannan's show was the top children's program in Canada. The "Just Mary" reader is also available. This one is a special alert for mamsam, 'cause I remember which fictional character you named your daughter after! ***GRIN***

Visiting hours, by Shane L. Koyczan.

Alligators, old mink & new money : one woman's adventures in vintage clothing, by Alison Houtte and Melissa Houtte.

Champagne : how the world's most glamorous wine triumphed over war and hard times, by Don Kladstrup and Petie Kladstrup.

Messages to the world : the statements of Osama Bin Laden, edited by Bruce Lawrence. The editor/translator of this volume (who is not a supporter of Bin Laden or terrorism) makes a very good point ... most of us only ever hear/see excerpts or summaries of Bin Laden's announcements, which are usually chosen to support the Shrub's announcement of the moment. This book contains, in chronological order, the complete texts of Bin Laden's messages to the world.

People of the storm god : travels in Macedonia, by Will Myer.

The trouble with Islam today : a wake-up call for honesty and change, updated edition, by Irshad Manji.

What would Satan do? : cartoons about right, wrong and very, very wrong, by Pat Byrnes.

Blacksad : the sketch files, by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. A page by page "making of" volume about the creation of the first Blacksad graphic novel (this is the first time I've seen an entire book devoted to this topic ... usually it's just 2-6 pages tucked into the back of the graphic itself). The Blacksad series itself is well worth reading ... incredible art and well-written stories. Vol. 1. Somewhere between the shadows and Vol. 2. Arctic nation are available in English; hopefully more Blacksad tales will be translated in the near future. (note: I've linked the original French editions here 'cause they have the "look inside" feature, so that it's possible for you to get a preview of the art ... here are the English language descriptions for volume 1 and volume 2)

Plucker, by Brom.

The new atlas of the stars, by Axel Mellinger and Susanne M. Hoffmann. A MOST impressively constructed book, containing giant night sky photographs for both hemispheres and all seasons, with transparent overlays of the constellations. I know hadesgirl will lust after this one ...

Succeeding with autism : hear my voice, by Judith H. Cohen.

Fool's paradise : the unreal world of pop psychology, by Stewart Justman.

Every book its reader : the power of the printed word to stir the world, Nicholas A. Basbanes.

Eating for diabetes : a handbook and cookbook with 125 delicious, nutritious recipes, by Jane Frank. timcharmorbien alert!

10 habits that mess up a woman's diet, by Elizabeth Somer.

The connoisseur's guide to sushi, by Dave Lowry.

A world on fire : a heretic, an aristocrat, and the race to discover oxygen, by Joe Jackson.

Fair trade for all : how trade can promote development, by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton.

The gladiators : history's most deadly sport, by Fik Meijer.

Ant egg soup : the adventures of a food tourist in Laos, by Natacha du Pont de Bie.

Anime : from Akira to Howl's Moving Castle : experiencing contemporary Japanese animation, by Susan J. Napier.

Further under the duvet, by Marian Keyes.

Life interrupted : the unfinished monologue, by Spalding Gray.

The Spanish portrait : from El Greco to Picasso, by Javier Portus ... [et al.]. Loads of Spanish costume details for anotheranon.

ChocolateChocolate, by Lisa Yockelson. If you have to ask why I included this, you're in the wrong place. :p

Fabulous felt hats, by Chad Alice Hagen.

Adventure divas : searching the globe for a new kind of heroine, by Holly Morris.

The myth of Hitler's pope : how Pope Pius XII rescued Jews from the Nazis, by David G. Dalin.

Alfred the Great : the man who made England, by Justin Pollard.

And my own Saturday afternoon reading: Stella : unrepentant madam, by Linda J. Eversole.
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