JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Early days ...

... of experimenting with the nifty new html-generating qualities of the new version of my video cataloguing software. The old and the new.

Note: because this IS just experimentation, not all of the links in the new version will function (I have to load a separate descriptive document and image file for each title, my webspace provider will only let me load one at a time, and I'm LAZY, DAMMIT! But I did load a reasonable number (about thirty or so), so you should be able to find SOMETHING that works (try "Haggard") :p

  • Happy feet!

    For my friends who would like to have non-ordinary socks without having to learn how to knit them themselves: Sock of the Month Club

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    Red Frog Boots Their commercials have just started playing on CKUA this past couple of weeks and I finally heard one right when I was at the…

  • A little asymmetry ...

    Veera Välimäki's Seam On Seam. I like how it looks but also know that even though I like dropped shoulders in topwear, having one "shoulder"…

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