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Murphy ...

... continues to look kindly upon me. 'twas kinda fun confusing co-workers about what day it was by showing up when I wasn't expected. The weather forecast changed overnight, and we warmed up to a balmy -8C today (after going down to -33C overnight). And W. handed me my copy of Sarah Waters' new novel, The Night Watch, this afternoon (normally hotlist books have a do-not-sell-before-this-date-or-we-will-sue-you-unto-the-seventh generation attached to 'em, but she said this particular title didn't, so I could have mine early ... customers won't get THEIRS until next week, as "official" release date is February 21 ***HUGE privileged grin***)

Wonder if this streak of good fortune will lead to good fairies doing all the housework while I'm asleep? :p
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