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Once in a while, Murphy is merciful ...

(robotic recorded voice) "Jury selection for February 17, 2006 has been totally cancelled. You are not required to appear for jury selection. Thank you."

Dunno whether it's because they managed to pick all they needed at last Friday's session or because our local temperatures have suddenly plummeted from +10C to -22C, with a -38C windchill and are staying there for the next few days (reckless endangerment of the public doesn't look good on the justice system's résumé).

Whatever the reason, my whole week has been brightened by this bit of news. Not because I object to performing my civic duty ... I appreciate the need and would normally have no objections to doing my bit. But I've had three stressful work years in a row (a variety of causes), and this year has been promised as my year of (relative) calm, which jury duty would royally screw up ... my team has been increased by one full-time body (which means the people who are at saturation-point with clients can give away a few), the one major deadline project (a large new branch for a city library in British Columbia) has been revamped so that it'll be a lot less of a crisis, there is only one new school library planned for 2006, and reports are that none of the current large clients have significant budget increases, so their order level should stay stable. This means that, for the first time since I became team leader of the ULS Cataloguing Dept., we can pause to take a look at our work, do a little revamping and rearranging, have the breathing space to streamline the workflow (streamlining saves time, but doing an effective job of planning/setting up/changing a process TAKES time first, before the savings kick in and compensate). Plus I will be able to spend some time on the department Web page, on the LC-Dewey authority database, and on our dream project of building up time-saving stock records (and have the time to show some of my other staff how to work on some of it too, 'cause THEY will also have the breathing space).

The members of the cataloguing team have definitely earned this breather ... last week I received the 2005 statistics from the G.M. and learned that we had produced 13,994 more marc records than in 2004 ... that's a HELLUVA lot of cataloguing, and now we know WHY we were all feeling as if our brains were oozing out our ears. It's really a miracle that none of us went postal with the ol' knitting needles. :p

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