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The type 2 diabetes sourcebook for women, by M. Sara Rosenthal.

Loves me, loves me not : the ethics of unrequited love, by Laura A. Smit.

The iron whim : a fragmented history of typewriting, by Darren Wershler-Henry.

He claims he is the direct heir, by Lazar Sarna.

Double trap : the last public hanging in Canada, by John Melady.

A woman's guide to natural hormones, revised ed., by Christine Conrad.

Beloved Harlem : a literary tribute to Black America's most famous neighborhood, from the classics to the contemporary, edited by William H. Banks, Jr.

Alexander II : the last great tsar, by Edvard Radzinsky.

When the second man was a woman, compiled by Ruth Lee-Knight.

The terror : civil war in the French Revolution, by David Andress.

The naked millionaire, by Mazine Hyndman.

Strange red cow : and other curious classified ads from the past, by Sara Bader.

The genius of flexibility : the smart way to stretch and strengthen your body, by Bob Cooley.

Ice : the nature, the history, and the uses of an astonishing substance, by Mariana Gosnell.

Self-made man, by Norah Vincent.

Unearthing the dragon : the great feathered dinosaur discovery, by Mark Norell.

Pantanal : South America's wetland jewel, by Theo Allofs.

Hungry planet : what the world eats, by Faith D'Alusio and Peter Menzel.

An amorous history of the silver screen : Shanghai cinema, 1896-1937, by Zhang Zhen.

Eroticism & art, by Alyce Mahon.

The social net : understanding human behavior in cyberspace, by Yair Amichai-Hamburger.

WB : West Bank, by Sophie Ristelhueber.

Images of a complex world : the art and poetry of chaos, by Robin Chapman and Julien Clinton Sprott.

Interactive realities : the poetics of cyberspace, by Daniel Downes.

Empire of debt : the rise of an epic financial crisis, by Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin.

NNNNN : a novel, by Carl Reiner.

Bull : conspiracies, cattle, corruption, by Jackson Carter.

Elizabeth : the scandalous life of the Duchess of Kingston, by Claire Gervat.

Pyongyang : a journey in North Korea, by Guy Delisle. Reminiscent of the works of Joe Sacco.

This side of bonkers, by Laura J. Cutler.

Pagan Christianity : the origins of our modern church practices, by Frank Viola.
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