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Everything you ever wanted to know about fish ...

... but were unable to find anyone to ask.

A very impressive database that's definitely being added to the Oddities Web page, Fishbase has everything you could possibly want to know about any species of fish on this planet. Multiple language capability (including Swedish), means that you can find your fish by its obscure local common name and learn what everybody else in the world calls it, as well as seeing pictures and all available zoological information. I just found the intriguingly-named and nifty-looking fish (Humuhumu nukunuku a puaa ) that I WANTED to do my fish project on in public school, but couldn't find any other information on in our small library other than that one drawing ... ended up doing boring old grunion instead. If only I'd had the TOOLS back then! ***pouts***

No, I haven't gone all piscine ... I saw this addy in the back of a children's book on fish that I was cataloguing and thought that it merited investigation ... after all, I wanna keep my buddies well-rounded in their knowledge. Now all I need to find is equivalent databases for birds, insects, arthropods, bacteria, mammals, marsupials, monotremes, etc. ...

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