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Well, hallelujah!

In my last post sithhappens commented on my icon. Wanted to give him a link to the source in my reply, so pulled up the Hilarious House of Frightenstein site to confirm the addy. And, lo and behold, there was an announcement that the show is going back on the air! A new generation of Canuck young'uns will be properly warped at an impressionable age! HURRAH!

This news borders on the miraculous, because, for years, the word has been that the master tapes of the program were ordered destroyed, and it has been presumed that the only surviving visuals have been episodes that people taped at home and, probably, the odd master that was retrieved from destruction by TV station staff and taken home. Turns out that that piece of information has been misunderstood for many years ... TV stations were ordered to destroy THEIR masters, because the permissions to broadcast many of the classic rock recordings had run out, and somebody getting the bright idea to use 'em as filler would have run into much trouble and many dollars. But the MASTER masters have survived, and the new broadcaster is working to regain as many of the song broadcast rights as possible, though he figures that some pieces, like those by the Rolling Stones (yes, the Stones on a kiddy show), will remain out of financial reach and will be replaced by other, "cheaper" classics of the same era.

And the REALLY funny part ... sithhappens was commenting on a special icon featuring Darth Vader writing in his LJ, NOT my regular icon. But, since I'm not famed for my alertness in the morning, I'd forgotten that I'd used dear little Darth and assumed the comment in my inbox referred to my regular, greenish representative. A comedy of errors, but one that brought cheer into the beginning of my day and, hopefully, will provide amusement to all.

It's overcast and grey outside, but I feel as if the sun is shining now. Thanks, sithhappens ... it probably would have been another couple of months before I visited the site on my own and discovered the happy news. :-)
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