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Well, not the greatest election result, but better than it could have been (and pretty much as predicted). Stephen Harper (a.k.a. "Bushwannabe") and the Conservative Party of Canada** have won, but as a minority government. Which means that they are effectively leashed and muzzled as far as undoing the same-sex marriage law and "reviewing" the country's abortion laws. (for the wondering and curious, with our many political parties it is possible to win the largest number of votes and still be outnumbered by the opposition. Last night's tally was: Conservatives 124, Liberals 103, NDP 29, Bloc 51, other 1; this means that even though the Conservatives are technically in power, a coalition between the Liberals and the NDP or the Bloc can outvote 'em in Parliament).

**When I was a youngling and voting for the first time (1979 federal election), it was called "Progressive Conservative Party of Canada" ... they were almost as far left as the Liberals. Alas, no more. :-(

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