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The contract with God trilogy, by Will Eisner.

Fantasy fiction : an introduction, by Lucie Armitt.

Assorted trifles : thousands of tantalizing trivia tidbits, by Stanley Newman. Take the page of so-called "Canadian English expressions" with a grain of salt ... I've never heard of half of them and "fuddle duddle" does NOT mean "depart" (well, I guess it does in a way, if you REALLY wanna stretch the definition ... it's a term that reporters once used when they were unable to print what Trudeau ACTUALLY told them to do [hint: it also begins with the letters "fu" ***grin***]).

Untouchables : my family's triumphant journey out of the caste system in modern India, by Narendra Jadhav.

Bear Child : the life and times of Jerry Potts, by Rodger D. Touchie. For those wanting to pick up a bit of Canadian history, Potts acted as scout and guide for the very first troop of Mounties (North West Mounted Police in those days).

The ongoing moment, by Geoff Dyer.

Mondo cocktail : a shaken and stirred history, by Christine Sismondo.

Get out of your own way at work : ... and help others do the same, by Mark Goulston.

The food substitutions bible : more than 5,000 substitutions for ingredients, equipment and techniques, by David Joachim. An essential reference both for food allergies and for those who are halfway through the recipe before discovering they're out of one of the ingredients. The best substitution source I've ever seen (am thinking of purchasing it for my own collection).

How to read the Bible : history, prophecy, literature -- why modern readers need to know the difference and what it means for faith today, by Steven L. McKenzie.

Harvard's secret court : the savage 1920 purge of campus homosexuals, by William Wright.

Strange times, my dear : the Pen anthology of contemporary Iranian literature, edited by Nahid Mozaffari and Ahmad Karimi Hakkak.

Come back to Afghanistan : a California teenager's story, by Said Hyder Akbar and Susan Burton.

The birth of Satan : tracing the Devil's biblical roots, by T.J. Wray and Gregory Mobley.

The papered wall : the history, patterns and techniques of wallpaper, 2nd ed., edited by Lesley Hoskins.

Tom of Finland : the art of pleasure, edited by A. Volk.

Art under control in North Korea, by Jane Portal.

Hubris and hybrid : a cultural history of technology and science, by Mikael Hard and Andrew Jamison.

Clay : the history and evolution of humankind's relationship with Earth's most primal element, by Suzanne Staubach.

How to write great science fiction, by Horace L. Gold.

A dream in polar fog, by Yuri Rytkheu.

Broken windows, broken business : how the smallest remedies reap the biggest rewards, by Michael Levine.

Worst enemy, best teacher : how to survive and thrive with opponents, competitors, and the people who drive you crazy, by Deidre Combs.

The paleo diet for athletes, by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel.

After Fidel : the inside story of Castro's regime and Cuba's next leader, by Brian Latell.

A fractured mind : my life with multiple personality disorder, by Robert B. Oxnam.

Sometimes I act crazy : living with borderline personality disorder, by Jerold J. Kreisman.

The hollow grounds, by Luc and François Schuiten.

Beg the question, by Bob Fingerman.

The violent friendship of Esther Johnson, by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole.

The unexpurgated tale of Lordie Jones, by Marc Ngui.

Merde actually, by Stephen Clarke.

Bloodletting and other miraculous cures, by Vincent Lam.

Queen Emma and the Vikings : a history of power, love, and greed in 11th-century England, by Harriet O'Brien.

Weaving : methods, patterns, and traditions of the oldest art, by Christina Martin.

The Gnostic discoveries : the impact of the Nag Hammadi library, by Marvin Meyer.

Math and the Mona Lisa : the art and science of Leonardo da Vinci, by Bülent Atalay.

Friendly fire : the untold story of the U.S. bombing that killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, by Michael Friscolanti.

Dear Senator : a memoir by the daughter of Strom Thurmond, by Essie Mae Washington-Williams and William Stadiem.

Paper textiles, by Christina Leitner.

Stripped bare : the body revealed in contemporary art, edited by Marianne Karabelnik.

The artist as monster : the cinema of David Cronenberg, revised ed., by William Beard.

The Egyptian revival : ancient Egypt as the inspiration for design motifs in the West, by James Stevens Curl.

Graffiti world : street art from five continents, by Nicholas Ganz.

The end of gender : a psychological autopsy, by Shari Thurer.

Lascaux : movement, space, and time, by Norbert Aujoulet.

How to look at outsider art, by Lyle Rexer.

The stress-free traveler, by Sandy Paton.

Beowulf & Grendel : the truth behind England's oldest legend, by John Grigsby.

The great crown jewels robbery of 1303, by Paul Doherty.

War made easy : how presidents and pundits keep spinning us to death, by Norman Solomon.

My war : killing time in Iraq, by Colby Buzzell.

Year's best graphic novels, comics & manga, edited by Byron Preiss and Howard Zimmerman.
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