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Pretty cunning, huh?

I couldn't resist ... he was all alone amongst a group of scary doesn't-look-anything-like-Mals

The original bright idea was that Jayne would sit on top of my work computer looking scary, but the one place he isn't jointed is the hips (poor boy ... although he does have a grand total of 13 joints). Ah well, he'll just have to STAND there looking scary instead.

As well as having three accessory guns (including Vera) and grenade, the pistol on his right hip comes out of the holster and the knife on his left hip comes out of the sheath. Just like the real thing!

Unusually for an action figure this small (17 cm/6.75 in. tall), Jayne's index fingers on both hands (and the middle finger on the right) are molded separately so that they fit into the proper trigger position on his guns.

Ain't nothing like true love. ;-)

P.S. The flash washed out some of the detailing and colour ... the figure's face actually bears an excellent resemblence to Adam Baldwin.

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