JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

It's the first ...

... sunny day of the entire week and the last day of my week-long vacation. Figures. :p

Did I accomplish what I hoped to accomplish? Yes and no. Sorted through all the junk on the desk and can now see the surface. Got more data entered into my CATVids software and played with the html setup. Purchased new black oxfords (I hate shoe shopping, but it had to be done because I discovered that I'd managed to crack the soles on the old ones and outside moisture was dampening the insole, which was then making my socks and feet clammy ... ICK!). Did LOTS of reading ... YAY! Didn't do much knitting, but did get the body of my jacket cast off and have the sleeves started (am knitting them in tandem). Didn't do a lick of sewing (but there's still a few hours left in the day ...). Whipped up a small trial Web page for my department at work (have a peek here if you're curious), to give the boss and staff a looksee sample of what I want us to have ... already have a mental list of changes, but don't want to do too much until I get an okay to have it put on the work server. Listened to much silly stuff on BBC7's Listen Again. Got caught up on the laundry (the hamper is EMPTY!!!), plus other household odds and ends. Just basically heavy-duty R&Rd and feel very VERY good. :-)

P.S. The lots of reading included my first exposure to the Terry Pratchett short story "Hollywood Chickens". You MUST read this! That's an order! (I discovered it in the anthology Knights of Madness, edited by Peter Haining; it has also been published in More Tales From the Forbidden Planet, edited by Roz Kaveney, and in Once More With Footnotes, by Terry Pratchett ... hopefully your library has one of these titles).
Tags: reading

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