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Seeing as it's scary out in the city (went out to do errands, figuring the Boxing Day insanity was past, forgetting that many people have today off as well, due to Christmas falling on the weekend), I might as well type up my current batch of notes (unlike last year, this time 'round I remembered to grab 'em before ULS was locked down for the week).

Lost in Moscow, by Kirsten Koza.

Blondel's song, by David Boyle (for an entertaining, fictional retelling of the Blondel and Richard I story, try Tom Holt's Overtime).

I'm a superhero, by Daxton Wilde, with secretarial help from Sherry Wilde.

69 A.D. : the year of four emperors, by Gwyn Morgan.

A natural history of human emotions, by Stuart Walton.

Puberty girl, by Shushann Movsessian. Think of it as the junior "Story of V" ... if you know parents looking for a book for their fledgling daughters, this is one to recommend.

A history of violence, by John Wagner. The film version of this graphic novel, starring Viggo Mortensen, was released earlier this year.

Dragonslippers : this is what an abusive relationship looks like, by Rosalind B. Penfold.

Jesse Monongya : opal bears and lapis skies and Arctic transformations : the jewelry of Denise and Samuel Wallace, by Lois Sherr Dubin. Volumes in a new series of books showcasing the work of Native American jewelrymakers.

Ellis Island portraits, 1905-1920, by Augustus F. Sherman. Costume alert for the sewers ... much clothing/headdress/jewelry detail and some multiple views of the same person/outfit.

Cheese : a connoisseur's guide to the world's best, by Max McCalman & David Gibbons.

The best DVDs you've never seen, just missed or almost forgotten : a guide for the curious film lover, edited by Peter M. Nichols.

The driving book : everything new drivers need to know but don't know to ask, by Karen Gravelle. Never hurts for the "old" drivers to do a quick review either. :p

Everybody into the pool : true tales, by Beth Lisick.

Charlemagne : the great adventure, by Derek Wilson.

Obsession, with intent : violence against women, by Lee Lakeman.

Nameless flowers : selected poems of Gu Cheng, by Gu Cheng.

Between two worlds : escape from tyranny : growing up in the shadow of Saddam, by Zainab Salbi.

Hair & fashion, by Caroline Cox & Lee Widdows.

Shoes : what every woman should know, by Stephanie Pedersen.

Warped passages : unraveling the mysteries of the universe's hidden dimensions, by Lisa Randall.

Yellow crocodiles and blue oranges : Russian animated film since World War II, by David MacFadyen.

Blink : the power of thinking without thinking, by Malcolm Gladwell.

Northern exposures : photographing and filming the Canadian north, 1920-45, by Peter Geller.

How to work for an idiot : how to survive and thrive without killing your boss, by John Hoover.

The bedside book of birds : an avian miscellany, edited by Graeme Gibson.

The dancing girls of Lahore : selling love and saving dreams in Pakistan's ancient pleasure district, by Louise Brown.

Don't try this at home : culinary catastrophes from the world's greatest chefs, edited by Kimberly Witherspoon and Andrew Friedman.

The last sentry : the true story that inspired The Hunt for Red October, by Gregory D. Young and Nate Braden.

Court lady and country wife, by Lita-Rose Betcherman.

Nell Gwyn : mistress to a king, by Charles Beauclerk.

The trial : a history from Socrates to O.J. Simpson, by Sadakat Kadri.

Tango : the art history of love, by Robert Farris Thompson.

All yesterday's parties : the Velvet Underground in print, 1966-1970, edited by Clinton Heylin.
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